Which is better Engineering or Medical

Two areas of profession are these days providing better career for the students. One is engineering and other is medical professions. Both of these professions are most highlighted professions these days because of producing huge number of employment. Both of these professions have their own importance in their own specific field. Both of these play most important role in our daily life, people can’t live without both because if people want to use new technologies and want to make their life easier they will have to use the innovations of technology. But is the people want to live their life in healthier way they will have to take help of medical professional. According to my point of view engineering is much better than medical profession because medical professionals use the equipment developed by engineers.

Engineering brings new innovation in this world and develops new technologies which help the people in living their life in luxuries way and doing their entire activities easily. Whatever new technologies we use like mobile phones, printer and many more in our daily life are the inventions of engineers. In the ancients days people used to dig their fields with the help of spade but these days engineering and its new inventions have given us tractor and many equipment. There are many more institutes, colleges and universities in India which are producing large number of engineers. These engineers are considered as the pillar of our development because without their invented technologies we can’t make little bit of progress. In the ancients day’s people used to live in the jungles but technologies have provided us many more new inventions which help in our daily life and allow us to live in our own residence with safety. There are many more advantages of engineering which plays most important role in our daily lifestyle. India has many more engineering colleges and universities but IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) is considered as the best engineering institute in India as well as in the world.

Apart from engineering, Medical also plays most important role in our daily life. This profession is considered as the cleanest profession. In our Indian culture medical professionals especially doctors are considered as the formation of God on the earth because they help the people to live healthier and far from disease. For being a doctor students have clear AIPMT (All India Pre Medical Test) entrance examination, qualified students are given admission in the reputed medical colleges. These colleges produce great medical professionals for our society. Medical profession helps the people in earning healthy money because there is no one in this world who do need the treatment.

career in medical or IIT JEE

career in medical or IIT JEE


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