What is important either IIT or AIPMT?

There are two professions in our society which does not only make the people eligible to earn name and fame but also to get most prestigious rank. There two are the professions of engineering and medical. Engineering is all about new technologies and making hard activities easier where medical profession is all about health of the people. It is very difficult to talk about engineering versus medical profession because each of these is most valuable and important part of our life and life style. In ancient days when people do not have better shelter to live and vehicles to go here and there, you can yourself think that how difficult was the life of people but engineering give us all which have made our life easier than before. We all have listened about “vaidya” which is the older form of doctors, who used to treat the people and help them in living healthy. In our country it is found in the historical books that both of these were very advanced in ancient days but these days the students had to qualify entrance examinations to get admission in engineering or medical college. These entrance examinations are IIT and AIPMT; this is very familiar question that which one is better in IIT vs AIPMT. In AIPMT there are only 2200 seats but in IIT there are 10000 seats so in prospective of entrance examination AIPMT is harder but there are many more other ways to differentiate between engineering and medical.

Fact Source:- Value of Engineering and Medical Professionals


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